Privacy Notice

Puma recognizes the importance of protecting information concerning customers' privacy. We shall make every effort to use customers' personal information appropriately in accordance with this Policy.

1. “Personal information” that is subject to this Policy shall be limited to personal information of customers using JapaNavi services which is personally identifiable, including but not limited to the customers' name, address, date of birth, phone number and email address.
2. Except as otherwise provided by laws, Puma shall only use customers' personal information in order to achieve the following purposes for use:
(1) To execute an order received from customers;
(2) To provide information about current or future items or services offered by Puma, or about various types of events or campaigns that will be held;
(3) To improve the quality of services of JapaNavi;
(4) To use for services other than those listed above which are provided to customers in connection with Puma operations;
(5) For any other purpose to which customers have given prior consent.
3. Our officer(s) responsible for managing information shall take strict and appropriate measures to prevent divulgation, defamation or loss of personal information provided by customers.
4. Puma shall not provide, assign or disclose any personal information received from customers to any third party without approval of the customers except:
(1) when disclosure is required by law; or
(2) when disclosure is required in order to protect a person's life, physical health or property, and it is difficult to obtain prior approval of a customer who has provided the personal information; or
(3) when handling of customers' personal information is entrusted to a third party within the scope required for accomplishment of the purposes of use mentioned above.
5. If any customer's personal information is provided to a third party with the customer's consent, Puma shall impose on the said third party an obligation not to divulge any such information by a nondisclosure agreement in order to prevent the customer’s personal information from being divulged, and shall supervise the said third party to ensure that personal information management is strictly performed so as to prevent defamation or loss of any personal information.
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